Regular development and innovations for the improvement programs for a culture of various types of Bio Products – Pesticides and fertilizers are being taken. Investigations for the carrier – media for mixing culture for bio products are also carried out. Details of this product are available from NGO office. culture for bio products is also carried out. Details of this product are available from NGO office.

Organization has Developed “Yash Activator Plus” – ‘A microbial consortium for composting’ in sewage treatment plants (STPs). Activator Plus (a de-composting consortia) also decomposes fast all agricultural and flower waste to manure.

Other Development Activities

  • Bio-efficacy field trials are being conducted regularly with various Yash Products on various field, vegetable, fruit crops at farm hired by YASTK’s at Kulhadia Village, Kodhiyara Block of Allahabad District.

  • Shelf life studies are being conducted on various YASTK bio products for its increase in shelf- life.

  • Various formulations of ‘Yash bio-products’ are being developed using new carrier / Filler materials like fly-ash etc and are being tried/experimented upon.

  • Field trials of bio-products at our associated farm at Village Kuladhia, Bloch Kodhiyara, Dist Allahabad.

  • Providing Bio-products (bio-fertilizers & bio-pesticides) to research scholars/farmers for their theses experiments / trials.

Organizing Seminars and Conferences

Several National Seminars and conferences have been organized to combine the research efforts of different investigators. Name of some of them are given below. They include National Seminar on “Biotechnology for human & social Welfare”, “Environment protection through Organic farming” etc. A brief list of seminars organized is given below:

Based on the research done in NGO or in coloration with other organization, several articles have been published in various Generals, conferences and other places. The name of some of these articles are:

Facilitating Masters and Ph D. students in carrying out research activities at SHUATS (an agricultural University in Allahabad) in collaboration with NGO.

Several students do research projects at the laboratory of NGO & field projects at YASTK’s experimental farm. For experiments in Bio technology they carry out trials at our 5 hector farm in Village Kulhadia, Block Kaundhiara, Allahabad which is attached to NGO.