A group of Engineers, agriculturists, scientists and many others thought of doing something for social Welfare and innovative in the field of Agriculture, Waste management and Construction technology though better technology, management and product quality. So we started a mission of starting a society for better service to mankind. Thus “Yash Krishi Takniki Evam Vigyan Kendra” was launched in 2003 by Dr. Y. P. Gupta and Dr. Pramila Gupta along with a several other specialists in various fields. They recognized the need of the hour for Jaivik Krishi and Social work in various fields and the emerging opportunities in Kaushal Vikas through Non Government Organizations. Thus this organization was aimed to contribute towards social upliftment and better agriculture and employment opportunities by multi-dimensional efforts. “Yash Krishi, Takniki Evam Vigyan Kendra,” (in short it is called “YASTK”) started out with multi-focused objectives spanning areas as diverse as agriculture, construction, environment, waste, education and entrepreneurship.

Society Structure

It is registered society under 1860 act with registration no. 16610. The Society consists of Management Committee, General body and specialists. Various norms and rules of Society as for an NGO are included during registration. The society is called “Yash Krishi Takniki Evam Vigyan Kendra” which is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) devoted for social work and environmental welfare. It has following objectives / Services available:

Social Services for society

Natural and Organic Farming

Waste Management

Environment and pollution Control

Non conventional Energy like solar

Vocational Education

Promote Entrepreneurship in women, youth and

similar others

Some activities of NGO are shown through pictures below:

A. Social Services

Poverty alleviation of poor through Vocational training and Child Education.

Collaboration with Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations in their welfare programs.

Capacity building and empowerment of women by training them to take up income generating activities.

Camp for Pilgrims at Sangam with all facilities like tent, electricity, water, toilet etc and with some food – Langar

B. Natural and Jaivik Farming

To generate Bio-products like bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides & Micronutrients for farmer’s use as well as train them on application techniques.

Demonstration & Training to farmers on use of bio-inputs in crop production & refrain them from using toxic & environmentally Hazardous Chemicals.

Manufacturing of Bio-pesticides: Like Trichoderma, Beauveria, Pseudomonas

Provide them to farmers and sell to Govt. and private agencies along their demonstration etc.

Manufacturing of Bio-fertilizers: like Azotobacter, PSB, Zinc solubilizer, Sulphur, Potash mobilizing and others.

C. Waste Management – both Bio-Degradable & Non Bio-degradable

Bio – degradable waste

Recycling of municipal and agricultural waste by Vermi-composting / NADEP methods/ using microbial consortia etc.

Bacterial decomposition of Solid waste for Cities

Non Bio – degradable waste

Recycling of polythene waste and convert to Polymerized Bitumen

Recycling of Construction & Demolition Waste (C & D Waste) for use as resource in construction Industry.

D. Children education and empowerment of rural women

To provide support to schools for a holistic development of the student’s personality & profiles.

To provide facilities and awareness and training to school children through the modern technology.

To provide project / Training facilities to university & Research students.

E. Environment protection

Tree Plantation for green and healthy environment

Create awareness about cleanliness and safe disposal of waste

Creating awareness on use of safe drinking water and related health issues.

Creating awareness & providing benefits to rural women on sanitary & hygiene issues.

F. Social Projects Through corporate and Government Funding

Creating awareness and provide infrastructural Facilities in Schools, rural areas, public places etc with the Co-operation of Governmental, Non-governmental Organizations and Corporate. This is to help corporate who wants to offload their welfare programs to provide social services to needy society.

Arrange for short term vocational courses for youth, like – computer awareness, electrical items repair, etc.

G. Repair/Rehabilitation Provide consultancy of Disaster damaged Buildings

H. General

With the wide experiences of so many years and so many fields it is now successfully implementing its objectives through extensive contact with farmers, Corporate, Government, educational institutions, general public and construction agencies and others.

Management committee – Present

  1. Dr Y.P. Gupta, Chairman – Construction Materials (Civil Engineering)
  2. Dr Pramila Gupta, Hon. Secretary –Plant Pathologist & Jaivik Krishi
  3. Dr Namita Gopal, Vice-Chairman – Management Expert
  4. Er Rajeev Gopal, Hon. Treasurer – Management and export expert
  5. Mr Udit Agarwal , Joint secretary – Management and Export – Imports
  6. Ms Nupoor Agarwal , Coordinator Web & Communication
  7. Ms Indu Chandra, Coordinator CSR – Entrepreneur,
  8. Dr. H.S. Goel, Coordinator Engg. Applications – Design Expert
  9. Er. Vivek Kumar Gupta, Member – Consultant
  10. Dr. Razia Parwez , Member – Home Science and Social work expert
  11. Er. R.K. Pandey, Member – Entrepreneur

Associated Members & Specialty Function Experts

  1. Mr. Amit Agarwal, Chartered Accountant,
  2. Dr Thomas Abraham Member Agronomist (Organic farming),
  3. Dr. Ajai Gopal, Pediatrician,
  4. Cdr. Arvind Lochan, Entrepreneur,
  5. Dr. Rohit Gupta, Gastroenterologist,
  6. Ar. Ashutosh Kumar, Architect,
  7. Ar. Piyush Tandon, Architect
  8. Er. Kshitij Gopal, Technology Domain Expertise,

Our Certification

The organization has been duly certified for Quality, Management and Production agencies and others associated organizations along with Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh etc. Some are given below. The organization is also registered with Income tax department under 80G for tax exemption:

Society Accounts

The Society accounts are audited each year and management committee meetings are held regularly.
The Annual General body meetings are held each year. Society publishes Annual report and many other technical publications from time to time. Society is well recognized by many Government and private agencies.