Waste Management – both Bio-degradable & Non Bio- degradable

Waste is unwanted or undesirable material left over or thrown after the completion of any process. In other words it can also be stated that any substance or matter which the holder discards or intends to discard is waste or which is generally not used again. Following steps are being taken by this NGO – YASTK in processing waste:

  • Segregating Bio-degradable and Non Bio-degradable waste. Then develop technology for processing these wastes into resource.

  • Composting of MSW and Kitchen waste into useful materials – convert to recourses.

  • Composting of agriculture waste into manure.

  • Awareness in farmers on importance of compost in agriculture/horticulture.

  • Training farmers on composting methods like Vermi composting, NADEP technology using farm waste.

A. Processing of Bio Degradable Waste:

“Composting” is biological decomposition of lingo-cellulosic organic material like solid wastes, press-mud etc into simple compound/ humus like end product called “compost”. The product is of value in agriculture both as an organic fertilizer and as a soil improver. It is used as organic manure for moisture control and nutrient addition.

Note: ‘Yash Activator Plus”- a microbial consortium has been developed by Yash Krishi – which is highly effective in composting press-mud, flowers and other biodegradable material collected from rivers/temples, use in STPs etc. Process of Bio-degradable waste converts into manure is given in following pictures.

B. Processing of some Non-Bio-degradable Waste:

Techniques have been developed for following two types of Non biodegradable waste into resource:

  • Construction and Demolition Waste (MALWA or C&D waste)

  • Processing of Polythene begs waste

The process of treating these waste into useful materials like bricks, Interlocking Blocks, Perforated Blocks etc have been developed. The process of these is given in article and technology is also available on demand to entrepreneurs.

Some articles on waste processing attached here