A. Social Activites:

Following social activities have been carried out from time to time. Similar activities are planned in future also by society:

1) Impart vocational education in Farming:

Impart vocational education in Farming through Kisan Goshthi with the aim to give training to farmers about the use of bio-products such as bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides in place of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides otherwise used in agriculture. This is to spread awareness about the harmful effects of excessive use of these products so that the agricultural products can do eco-friendly for human consumption.

For farmers to increase their earnings we give information about the latest cropping techniques and organize Kisan Goshthi from time to time.

Kisan Ghosthi at Prayagraj Village

2. Participation in exhibitions organized by various departments like government agriculture, horticulture, MSME, and others:

This organization displays a range of products made by it from time to time in various venues organized by horticulture and agriculture department exhibitions, fairs, etc. There we provide detailed information about organic agriculture to the visitors coming to such venues. Detailed talks are also organized and spread benefits and methods for publicity about organic farming through posters and banners.

Display of Bio Products at Kisan Fair

3. To plant trees that produce oxygen even during the night:

For this Tree, Plantation has been carried out & thus develop the Ecological Park. In this direction, an Ecological garden and medicinal plants along with an herbal garden have been developed.

In these parks, 25 different types of oxygen-giving plants have been planted. Just for display, a Navgrah Vatika has also been developed at Narayan Vatika in Village Kuladia District Allahabad.

Ecological Park

Medicine plant Vatika

Tree Plantation

Navgrah Vatika

Name of some plants which give oxygen even at night

Ereca Palm Peepal Tree Ashoka Tree Lavender
Neem Tree Banyan Tree Indian Bael Peace Lily
Snake Plant Bamboo Tree Curry Tree Spider Plant
Aloe Vera Money plant Saptaparni Tree Gerbera (Orange)
Rama Tulsi Arjuna Tree Jamun Tree Christmas Cactus,

4. Organize a few Village level Kisan Choopal:

With the aim of “organic farming in a different form, the organization often organizes Kisan Choupal by visiting village to village, where the importance of organic farming is told to the farmers at the level of tea stall of the villages and farmers are encouraged to do organic farming in their field. They are encouraged and given sample Bio-fertilizer and pesticides and all possible help.

5. Produce various Bio Inputs like Biopesticides and fertilizers for promotion of Organic farming at minimum cost:

The organization was established with the aim that the grains available to the society should be poison-free; hence the farmers should be made aware of various organic farming products at the least cost. These are produced at the cottage industry level at the least cost.

Thus they are given to farmers and some industries to spread awareness. They are given to them at the level of production cost which is very low.  Some of the products produced are shown below.

Bio Pesticide

Bio fertilizer

Bio Pesticide

Bio fertilizer

6. Organize Camp during Magh Mela every year and Kumbh for pilgrims coming for a holy dip in Sangam of Allahabad:

A camp is regularly put up on the banks of Sangam during the annual Magh Mela and Virat Kumbh event during the month of Magh at Allahabad. Various facilities like Shelter, Toilet, Water, Electricity, some Food items are provided to pilgrims coming for a holy dip in Sangam.

Occasionally Bhandara is also held. Many Pilgrims are farmers both men and women so they are provided information about organic farming or organize Kisan Gosti. During such time display of products like Biofertilizer and pesticides is also arranged. Further, some essential items like blankets are also distributed.

Camp at holy land Sangam

Offer of Blanket to Sadhu coming to sangam

Food bhandara at holy land Sangam

Tea langar at holy land Sangam

Kisan Ghosthi at Sangam Camp

Product display at holy land Sangam

7. Self Help Group formation for rural poor Women and their empowerment for  Capacity building:

NGO arranges for the formation of self-help groups for women by training them to take to up income-generating activities at the village level. This is also with the aim of making women self-reliant and arranging training for them through experts according to their interests.

Income-generating activities include items like fruit preservation, animal husbandry, Basketweaving, managing and reusing waste, better farming, beekeeping, etc. They are also provided all help related to bank account opening and marketing of products.

Training for women empowerment at village on Bee keeping topic

Training of women empowerment at village level and better farming

Training for women empowerment at village on ladoo Making Project   

Training for women empowerment at village on Tokri Making Project 

8. Organize Painting and Easy competition for School and Village Children:

  • To make children aware of environmental protection through painting competition and quiz competition (the competition is based on a social theme).
  • To encourage children to join social work like environmental protection, cleanliness, safe and easy traffic.
  • Environment pollution, global warming awareness. 
  • Give prizes and certificates to encourage children for getting acquainted with these themes through competitions.

On spot Painting competition for school children

Prize Distribution for On spot Painting competition for school children

9. Poverty alleviation of society through Vocational and Child Education:

From time to time, the institution helps self-funded secondary schools with ex-gratia funds as well as resources so that the development of the children studying in those schools is encouraged. With this aim, the schools are provided a desk, benches, computers, Water Filter, Ceiling Fan, White Board, Sewing Machine, etc.

Providing Desk Bench

Providing Water cooler

Providing Wheel chair to Charity Trust Who serve society for affected celebral pailcy kids

Providing Computer

B. Social Welfare:

The facility of NGO is used to carry out Social welfare Projects for Co-operates, Industry and Government to needy places or people through CSR Funds.

I. The Cooperate normally carries out several social works through their CSR funds. For this, they can spend a part of their profit (money) but they may not have enough manpower or infrastructure to carry out this. So they can spend such funds through this NGO. Such social works and distribution are carried out as per the Govt. of India Norms.

This NGO can Endeavour to partner with any company to execute projects on Social Development projects and provide Consultancy, guidance, and advice on Sustainable projects. This helps the concerned company to maximize the benefits for the CSR spending during the financial year.

CSR Project Completed: Yash Krishi has recently completed several projects financed by L & T Hydrocarbon Cooperation Mumbai / Vadodara. Details of some of them are given below.

Education Through Technology

Decomposing Biodegradable waste through Vermi composting pits

Decomposing Biodegradable waste through Vermi composting pits

Making Village level Shochalaya (Latrines).

Project Education through Technology project at city of Vadodara Gujarat


Project on Decomposing Biodegradable waste through Vermi composting pits at city of Vadodara Gujarat

Project on Water Through Hand pump in remote area at city of Vadodara Gujarat

II. Various Projects possible for Social help through CSR spending by this NGO:

  • Provide training, consultancy, and inputs for organic farming (JAIVIK KRISHI) for organizations and farmers.
  • To take up / suggest proposals for Skill Development for rural people and Rural Development.
  • Facilitate Water supply through digging Handpumps, bore wells, etc.
  • Provide training/consultancy and expert guidance for waste management of small and medium cities.
  • Provide Technology for processing Biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and corresponding implementation.
  • Explore avenues for new technology support in furthering the cause of effective CSR.

Possible Proposals ready in Line of interest of Social welfare through corporate funding (CSR program).A shortlist of such projects is given here: