The “Education though Technology” project is suggested by “Yash Krishi Takniki Ewam Vigyan Kendra”, YASTK an NGO, Education (not only in quantity but also in quality) is a prime index parameter for judging the progress of any nation. Although India resolved to include education as a fundamental right of every citizen in its Constitution in 1950, yet today even after 70 years, the progress on scaling up educational activities is not up to desired levels of satisfaction.

For children born in a lesser socio-economic strata, learning is restricted to classrooms with traditional methods of teaching combined with poor efficiency and lack of interest in teachers resulting in poor physical and mental development of children. Lack of innovative teaching techniques/ infrastructure/competent manpower / poor student-teacher ratio leads to the disinterest in the students and increased absenteeism dropout rates at all levels in schools.

In addition, several social impediments like taking care of the sibling at home/involvement in domestic chores especially for female child are detrimental. When the teachers are inefficient and find difficulties in satisfying the inquisitive nature of child, they resort to either escape or ignore or discourage the children sometimes even adopting to punitive measures of various degree and thus endangering the future of the students. The parents also seem to be ignorant of the learning needs of the child and do not take keen interest in educational development of their children.

Objectives of project:

  • To introduce new teaching methods and e-learning sources to school education.
  • To rekindle interest in learning and generate curiosity and willingness of the children.
  • To motivate and provide training to teacher in continuously adopting new tools & technique through computer skill and knowledge.
  • To improve the performance of student in school through impact of audio-visual methods in learning

Concept of the Project:

Teaching through audio-visual means on screen using animation and modern technology in education is very effective. Multimedia combines five basic types of media into the learning environment: text, video, sound, graphics and animation, thus providing a powerful new tool for education. The visual & audio systems are designed in such a manner that they create enthusiasm in children to study their subjects easily & willingly and also help them in learning the subjects in an interactive and interesting manner. In the present era of Globalization, Information Technology has played an important role in all forms of development. Through a detail study in the primary schools it is shown that a child learns only 40% through hearing and 60% through visual and 80% by doing the work. But by clubbing all the three aspects, a child learns more than 90%. Today, the students feel quite reluctant to study through the run-of-the-mill theoretical method of teaching.

About the Project:

The project enables technology based learning for children and also provides an opportunity for internet connectivity which can expand child’s horizon. Thus it will provide VCDs in Local medium with a projection platform in the form of a TV and DVD player. The VCDs will be designed on the syllabus of Gujarat Board from classes 1 to 10 and are animated providing good learning for the young minds.

Benefits of the Project:

  • Enhanced learning for the students.
  • Exposure to Audio-visual tools of learning.
  • Access to Internet – once Vadodara becomes a Smart City. Access to latest information technology can be obtained through Internet.
  • Better Understanding by students in different subjects.