Jaivik Krishi has become very relevant in present times because of the pesticide effect present in all the food items for human and animals consumption. Therefore, this NGO has taken up an initiative to produce various organic inputs like Biopesticides, Biofertilizers, and many others for the farming community.

These we try to culture and multiply for field applications. They are also helpful in protecting the environment. Lots of research has been done to see their effectiveness in the field through farmers in various parts of the country.

Presently NGOs make the following Organic (Jaivik Krishi) products for the benefit of farmers and thus the environment. The following Bio Products are being manufactured through culture and carrier-based. They are all high-quality Bio-inputs for farmers. All these are also available to agencies and individuals on contact.



Zinc, PGPR, Phospho





Activator Plus



Super Shakti

Other activities of NGO in the field of Natural and Organic farming are:

  • Provide Jaivik Krishi products to farmers and various other agencies.

  • Farmers Training Programs being run in rural areas.

  • Forming Self help groups in Villages for women power.

  • Develop new jaivik krishi producs in the lab and then transfer to field.

  • Trial of these products in an experimental farm of 5 hectors for experiments and demonstration etc.

  • To impart Agricultural and vocational training / education to Farmers and unemployed youth.

  • Organize Kisan Gosthies in the Villages with the help of Agricultural University

Organize Kisan Gosthi for Sugarcane producer farmer

Organize Kisan Gosthi for Sugarcane producer farmer

Organize Kisan Gosthi nearby Research farm house

Organize Kisan Gosthi for Sugarcane producer farmer

Research farm land

Plantation of Medicinal plant