A product of Yash Krishi Takniki Evam Vigyan Kendra (ISO 9001-2008 certified organization)

Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

Plant Growth Promoting Bacterial Bio-fertilizer

  • Description: This is the most important Plant Growth promoting bacteria. There are vast areas where it is impossible to obtain high crop yields without Yash PGPR plus application. PGPR is plant growth promoter of macro importance. Available Yash PGPR varies from traces to more depending upon soil structure. PGPR gives better growth yield and also gives better quality of yield. Yash PGPR plus contains very effective cell mass of bacteria which help to promote plant growth & yield.

  • Composition: PGPR bacteria population2 X 109/ml c.f.u., Microbial medium 2.2%, Residual bacterial medium 95-97%, stabilizer 0.5%.

  • Recommended Crops: All crops.

  • Bio-efficacy: an average increase in yield of 20-30%

Method of use:

  • Seed Treatment: Mix 5-10 ml / 10-20 g of Yash PGPR Plus with 1 kg of seed in required water and shade dry for 10 to 15 min before sowing.
  • Soil Treatment: Mix 400 ml / 1 kg of Yash PGPR Plus with 50 kg of FYM / vermin-compost / compost, maintain moisture for 10 days in shade, broadcast pere acre at the time of sowing.
  • For spray: Mix 400 ml / 1 kg of Yash PGPR Plus with 100 liter of water and spray near the root zone of the crop per acre.


  • Keep Yash PGPR Plus always away from heat and sunlight.

  • Don’t mix Yash PGPR Plus with chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides.

  • For best response of Yash PGPR Plus use with maximum organic manure.

  • Use double does of Yash PGPR Plus when seeds have been treated with chemicals before

Economics of Application:

Application of 400 ml / 1 kg Yash PGPR Plus per acre is equivalent to 15 – 20 % increased yield.