A product of Yash Krishi Takniki Evam Vigyan Kendra (ISO 9001-2015 certified, IMO certified, Man. Lic. No. ALY/219)

Neem Oil Based

Azadirachtin 0.15% w/w(1500ppm)

  • Description:  Yash neem plus is liquid neem based botanical pesticides containing an array of neem bitter compounds specially ‘azadirachtin’ which is effective against more than 400 species of insect pests. it is harmless to animals, human & friendly insects.

  • Composition: Neem Seed Kernel Extract in Solvent Methanol : 60%w/w, Emfulsifier :5% w/w, Treated Neem oil :35%w/w

  • Recommended Crops: Wheat, paddy, cotton, maize, barley, sorghum, oat, sugarcane, sugar beat, potato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, fruits, flowers medicinal plants etc. All crops, specially in oilseed & pulse crops.

  • Bio-efficacy: an average pest mortality 70-90%

Method of use:

  • For Spray: Mix One litre of Yash Neemplus in 200-250 ltre of water and spray per acre field. Repeat spray after 15 days. In case of severe infestation, alternative round of chemical pesticides can be taken.


  • Keep Yash Neemplus always away from heat and sunlight.

  • Don’t mix Yash Neemplus with chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides.

  • For best response of Yash Neemplus use with maximum organic manure.

  • Use double does of Yash Neemplus when seeds have been treated with chemicals before


  • Effective against adults and larvae of many insects.

  • Effective against Lepidoptera pests.

  • Eco-friendly and leaves no residues.

  • Not toxic to humans, animals and birds.