A product of Yash Krishi Takniki Evam Vigyan Kendra (ISO 9001-2008 certified organization)

Metarhizium anisopliae


  • Description:  Yash Metarhizium is a naturally occurring friendly fungus in soil.

  • Effective Against: Gram and pigeon pea pod borer, white fly, aphids, white grub, thrips, potato cut worm, termites, mealy bug, pod borer, teak defoliator, brown plant hopper, cabbage semilooper, pyrilla and many other lepidopterous pests.
  • Recommended Crops: Black gram, red gram, green gram, Bengal gram, banana, tobacco, wheat, paddy, cotton, maize, barley, sorghum, oat, sugarcane, sugar beat, potato, brinjal, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, fruits, flowers & medicinal plants.

Method of use:

  • Seed treatment:  Field Application: Mix 1 kg Yash Metarhizium powder with 50 kg of FYM in 3′ x 6′ bed, moisten and cover with polythene for 15 days (turn FYM and moisten 3-4 times), after 15 days spread over one acre land.

  • For spray: Suspend 2.5 kg Yash Metarhizium powder in 800-1000 liters of water and spray per hectare. Repeat the spray at 10 days interval depending upon the ipest population. Under field conditions the larvae may be killed within 7 – 8 days of the application.


  • Keep Yash Metarhizium always away from heat and sunlight

  • Don’t mix Yash Metarhizium with chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides.

  • For best response of Yash Metarhizium use with maximum organic manure.

  • Use double does of Yash Metarhizium when seeds have been treated with chemicals earlier


  • Effective against adults and larvae of many insects.

  • Effective against Lepidoptera pests.

  • Eco-friendly and leaves no residues

  • Not toxic to humans, animals and birds.