The nuisance of waste has reached alarming proportions in our country. The Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan, at the National level is trying its best in various ways to help solve this issue. Apart from making elaborate arrangements for cleaning the environment, it is imperative that waste is segregated at the collection points and children are involved in the process. Once it becomes a habit, then school children can spread the message and method of doing this at their homes. This will go a long way in reducing the total garbage that is generated daily in each city.

Vermi composting is a simple and effective method of profitably disposing the bio-degradable waste segregated by user and reducing the total amount of garbage generated.

Waste processing by Vermi composting units

Vermi compost is an important Bio-fertilizer in which all nutrients needed for farming are present in good quantity. It is the natural manure made from cow dung, vegetable waste, agricultural waste and any other bio-degradable product which are eaten by and excreted by special earthworms with epigamic nature. It also helps to reduce decomposing garbage on the road and thus helps to keep the environment clean. It is increasingly used as a substitute for chemical fertilizers to reduce health problems and promote healthier living. Use of this compost improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil so as to make it more productive and sustainable. It is also highly recommended by our Hon. Prim-Minister to all farming.

Benefits of Vermi compost:

  • Manure from Vermi compost is most beneficial to farming and thus helps to grow healthy food. This healthy food does not contain any harmful chemicals which are otherwise harmful and helps in healthy living.
  • Provide eco-friendly atmosphere.
  • This manure will bring back the green revolution in India.

Project Proposal of Bio-degradable Waste Processing through composting:
This project is made with an idea of giving training to children in schools for creating awareness in them regarding cleanliness. Thus they can know as to how the waste can be converted to resource for useful purposes. Some of the benefits ofthis project are:

Benefits of the Project:

  • Enhanced learning for the students
  • Exposure to environment protection
  • Aligning with Swachh Bharat objectives
  • Improving and preservation ground soil quality
  • Health lifestyle can be promoted in a large scale
  • Children can get motivated for self- employment
  • Addition of more technology based material is possible, once the delivery systems are installed