During the Seminar the discussions were held on the following themes:

  • Agricultural Biotechnology.
  • Animal Biotechnology.
  • Medical Biotechnology.
  • Industrial Biotechnology.
  • Environmental Biotechnology.
  • Bioinformatics & Nanotechnology.
  • Biopatenting / IPR issues/ Threats (Biopiracy / Biowar / Bioethics).

Following recommendations were made during the plenary session:

1. Strong policy support for Biotechnology related programs is urgently required. This will be the only way if the advances made in this field of bio- technology are to be reaped for human and social welfare and for solving the problems of food security, hidden hunger/malnutrition etc arising due to ever increasing human population.

2. Government of India should adopt the general policy about GM crops /seeds without fear and then the policies are to be pursued through regular programs to educate / create awareness amongst farmers and common man to adopt GM crops with confidence, if we are aiming to double crop yields in next 10 years.

3. Bio-safety of biotechnology products like BT Brinjal etc needs to be thoroughly investigated / evaluated before its adoption to minimize any risks / fears whatsoever. Afterwards, general education and awareness programs need to be conducted for farmers and Society.

4. There is an urgent need to develop, through biotechnology, the tailor- made plant / animal genotypes – varieties for improved quality and yields.

5. Conservation of rare plants & animal species through use of biotechnology techniques.

6. To develop and multiply crop genotypes suitable for wastelands, dry lands, wetlands, submerged lands, fast growing forest tree species using Biotechnology.

7. Develop crop plants with value addition like protein and mineral enriched species / better shelf-life / pest-disease resistance / better aesthetic properties in cheaper food crops like potato / high yielding cattle, poultry etc using biotechnology for welfare of common man.

8. Waste management and environment protection through the use of biotechnology be taken up in big way.