The seminar on “Environment Protection through Organic Farming and Waste Management” was organized for finding ways for efficient utilization and management of Waste so as to recognize it as an asset & resource rather than waste. This will help to minimize and recycle the waste and will ensure cleaner, healthier & sustainable environment besides helping in organic cultivation of crops and providing employment opportunities at local levels. During Seminar the discussion were held under following themes:

  • Municipal waste and Its Processing.
  • Use of Waste Material in Construction Industry.
  • Use of Waste as Manure for Organic farming.
  • Energy from Waste Materials and Employment Generation.
  • Industrial and Electronic Waste Management.

On the basis of discussions, following recommendations were made at the end of Seminar:

1. To achieve quality of life, a good infrastructure planning for disposal of waste is needed and then its sincere implementation will be the need of hour.

2. In the present seminar a technique has been included to use such Polythene Waste as part mixing for construction of Bituminous Roads. It is reported that plastic mixed Bituminous mix in roads has better stability and more resistant to water exposure.
3. Construction industry waste etc could be easily recycled and made into useful bricks and useful concrete.
4. Organic matter which is about 15% in any garbage dump can be decomposed in organic matter through Earthworm or NADEF technology. Through this technology we can produce good Organic manure which can be used for Natural Farming.