Institution of Valuers Eastern UP Centre, Allahabad along with Yash Krishi Taknique evam Vigyan Kendra, Allahabad organised a regional Seminar on “Valuation – Past and Present Scenario” on July 29th 2017. The Seminar was inaugurated by Hon. Sri Shyama Charan Gupta, Member of Parliament from Allahabad. Dr. Pawan Jaiswal, Member GST council, Government of India was the Guest of Honour. HON. GEN . Secretary Shri V. K. Goel, vice president Mr. Sandeep Dab , Council Member Mr. O. P. Sharma & Several Members  of Institution of Valuers from Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Patna, Varanasi and others cities joined the Seminar apart from Allahabad.

While inaugurating the seminar Chief Guest Sri Shyama Charan ji emphasised on the role of Valuers as they have to deal with all type of assets including Real estate, Plant and Machinery, land, monumental structures, damaged Buildings etc. Therefore more emphasis of this association is required in other directions for valuation also. Further, uniform code for all assets of human are needed. Further the difference of black money asset and white money asset must be clarified and proper valuation must be properly understood.

Dr. Pawan Jaiswal in his address advised that there must be a panel of valuers / advisors in each city, place or district. Similarly, Ministry of Cooperate affairs should become more active. He also emphasized that while choosing a valuer by any firm or bank, there should not be a limit for his past turn over and only his experience must be evaluated.

Dr. Y. P. Gupta, Chairman IOV, Allahabad, welcomed all and introduced the Chief Guest. He also emphasized on the role of valuation. Mr. Vivek Jaiswal gave the importance about holding of Seminar at Allahabad, Mr Vivek Gupta, highlighted the seminar theme and welcomed all.

The printed Seminar proceedings published on the occasion has about 15 papers on valuation. These papers are in many themes/fields of seminar including environment Impact on property, Deteriorated effect of real estate property, Plant and machinery, Waste and by-laws for registration of valuers etc.

During the presentation the seminar was divided into three sessions, most of the papers were appreciated by all delegates. Paper on by-laws by Mr Das from Kolkata, vice president, Dr. Y. P. Gupta on assessment of waste and then its recovery into resource, and paper by Mr. O. P. Sharma on energy recovery from alternate sources highly appreciated.

About 100 delegates and valuers attended the seminar. About following 14 papers were presented during the seminar.

  • Solid Waste Processing and Valuation of resources generated from it for clean environment.
  • Valuation of Plant and machinery of a honey combed core and panel production unit.
  • Difference of Valuation for capital gain by adopting inflation cost index.
  • Valuation of a flat in Allahabad.
  • Valuation of a scrap of Petroleum plant.
  • Valuation of P&M of a mini Hydro power plant.
  • An Alien property.
  • Valuation in past and Present scenario.
  • Real Estate Regulation act: An Opportunity for valuers.
  • Valuation of Deteriorated/damaged buildings/structures and some of their repair technology.
  • Capital gain Tax on Property.
  • What is short term capital gain & How short term capital gains are calculated?