Objectives of Organization/ Services available

Social Services

Natural and Organic Farming

Waste Management

Vocational Education

Health and Environment

Rehabilitation of Disaster damaged Buildings and its Management

Social Service

Poverty alleviation of society through Vocational and Child Education.

Collaboration with Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations in their welfare programs.

Capacity building and empowerment of women by training them to take up income generating activities.

Camp for good sanitation at Sangam Allahabad.

Social Activities

Camp for Pilgrims at Holy Sangam area.

Farmers Training Programs being run in rural areas.

Self Help Group formation for rural poor Women empowerment.

Natural and Organic Farming

Promotion of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides in farming to encourage Farmers towards environment friendly cultivation.

To promote diversification of agriculture and extension of tissue culture raised seedlings for crops with latest technology.

Research/extension for Organic farming concept and promotion of biodynamic agriculture amongst farmers.

Waste management

Recycling of agricultural and municipal waste, using Vermin-composting & NADEP technology.

Recycling of MALWA and Construction waste to produce Recycled Aggregate for low cost construction Industry.

Environment friendly waste disposal systems.

Design for clean Cities.

Vocational Education

Conduct entrepreneurship development programs for unemployed Youth.

To impart Agricultural and vocational education to Farmers and unemployed youth.

Impart education in Construction Industry and for better skills and earthquake resistant buildings.

Training on vermin-composting technology.

Health and Environment

Creating awareness on use of safe drinking water and related health issues.

Develop appropriate technology on cleanliness and rain water harvesting.

Create awareness and participate in pulse polio program of UNO & other related health programs.

Rehabilitation of Disaster damaged Buildings and its Management

Advice for Rehabilitation/renovation of earthquake damage structures.

Awareness for Disaster mitigation and Disaster management programs.

Advice on right methodology of Construction and optimum design aspects.

Mason’s training on Earthquake Resistant Construction & Repairs.