CSR – “Corporate Social Responsibility”

Corporations can associate with us and participate in social activities as per Government regulations.


  • Yash Krishi will Endeavour to partner with your company to identify and execute projects on Social Development and provide Consultancy, guidance and advice on Sustainable projects so that your company can maximize the benefits for the CSR spending during the financial year.

  • Yash Krishi will work closely with you to evaluate projects and guide relevant CSR strategy for the short and long terms.

  • Yash Krishi will help formulate a company-wide CSR policy so that the subsequent projects can be aligned to the same and so that the company will have the satisfaction of contributing to the desired section of the society.

  • Yash Krishi will either execute the project or engage any third party for the same. In all cases, the process will be transparent and projects will be chosen keeping in mind the key focus areas of your company.

  • Yash Krishi will help develop PPP Models to the satisfaction of all parties.

Scope of work / Proposals:

  • Provide training, consultancy and inputs for organic farming (JAIVIK KRISHI) for organizations and farmers.

  • Take up / suggest proposals for Skill and Rural Development.

  • Develop PPP models in Sanitation, Education and Skill development.

  • To help develop a robust connectivity with market partners.

  • Facilitate Volunteering for employees in CSR programs.

  • Facilitate Availability of Water by digging bore wells, etc.

  • Provide training and guidance for waste Management of small and medium sized cities.

  • Provide Technology for processing Biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and corresponding implementation.

  • Earthquake resistant construction of buildings.

  • Explore avenues for new technology support in furthering the cause of effective CSR.

  • Provide market connectivity throughout India.

  • Ensure Entrepreneurship Development for the selected areas and interested population segments.

  • Help in developing and monitoring CSR programs for all locations.

CSR Project Completed:

Sl No Name of The Project Name of The Sponsor Period
1 Education Through Technology L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering 2015-16
2 Education Through Technology L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering 2016-17
3 Decomposing Biodegradable waste

through Vermi composting pits

L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering 2016-17
4 Water Through Handpump in remote area L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering 2016-17

Line of interest of organization in CSR program:

A. Education through Technology

The project enables technology based learning for children and also provides an opportunity for internet connectivity which can expand the child’s horizon. It will provide VCDs in Gujarati medium with a projection platform in the form of a TV and DVD player. The VCDs will be designed based on the syllabus of the Gujarat Board from classes 1 to 10 and are animated providing good learning for the young minds.

B. Decomposing Biodegradable waste through Vermi composting pits

Vermi compost is an important Bio-fertilizer in which all nutrients needed for farming are present in good quantity. It is the natural manure made from cow dung, vegetable waste, agricultural waste and any other bio-degradable product which are eaten by and excreted by special earthworms with epigamic nature. It also helps to reduce decomposing garbage on the road and thus helps to keep the environment clean. It is increasingly used as a substitute for chemical fertilizers to reduce health problems and promote healthier living. Use of this compost improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil so as to make it more productive and sustainable. It is also highly recommended by our Hon. Prim-Minister to all farming.

C. Water Through Handpump in remote area

Water is essential for consumption, agriculture and industries. However, water is still scarce in Northern India. One easy alternative to piped water is Hand pump. This project can fulfill farmers’ demands for water. It is an excellent substitute to the conventional means of irrigation and will prove to be cost effective and useful in the end.

D. Empowering Rural People by providing sustainable energy inputs

Electricity generation in Northern India is inefficient. The “Lighting though solar torch” project suggested by YASTK can facilitate villagers for lighting arrangement at odd hours when there is no Electricity.

E. Facilitating village Roads by providing Solar Light

Our country India is so much dependent on conventional methods of electricity generation like Thermal, Hydro, etc. Thus solar energy is an excellent alternative to conventional methods of power supply. “Empowering villages by providing Solar Street Light” project as suggested by Yash Krishi Takniki Ewam Vigyan Kendra – YASTK – an NGO” can facilitate village roads with lighting arrangement especially when there is no Electricity in villages. It can also help villagers to walk on roads in night.

F. Establishment of Old Age Home

About 20 percent of the population of India comprises senior citizens most of which lives alone. A modest “Home for the aged” was setup by Ram Krishna Ashram some sixty years back which started this type of project for old age people.

This resulted in increasing demand to accommodate more and more “Aged” people. In the last 50 years India has made tremendous progress in the field of health and medicine. As a result, today we have a substantial population of senior citizens. At the same time the cultural and social fabric of Indian society has changed a lot. The family structure has also changed from joint family system to nuclear family system with marginal or no space for senior citizen in the individual children’s house. More ever the complexities of modern life have rendered individuals with little time for family. The most affected of this scenario are senior citizens who feel neglected. In most of cases, aged people miss the company and facilities required by them at this stage of life. Safety is another big concern for senior citizens. They live alone, which is very Rickey for their life and property. Thus, if an old age home complex is made available, where old people, who do not have any body to look after them, can hire or buy a room and live comfortably. Old age home can be provided with several facilities like TV, Library, Hobbies club and entertainment facility. also a doctor on call basis to look after their health. Small cottage industry can also be provided to pass time and produce some handicrafts.

It will also be good idea to combine the old age home with a small orphanage, where the two different categories of needy people, one Senior citizens who could impart knowledge in variety of ways and second children who need care – will provide in valuable loving company. They could form complimentary society that helps each other to satisfy the various needs that include companionship, education and most important of all, a sense of belonging. This idea will provide senior citizens with a chance to devote their time in teaching and caring the children of orphanages in a variety of disciplines that life had taught for them.

G. Proposal for setting up Soil Testing Laboratory in Rural Area

The agricultural yield is primarily dependent on soil health, water, climatic conditions; poor adoption of agro technology etc. Deterioration of soil health is mainly due to decline in soil fertility, organic matter and microbial activity. The organic matter status of Indian soils witnessed a steep decline from 1.2 % in 1970s to 0.48 % in 2012. Indian soils in general, are low in available nitrogen, medium in available phosphorus and potassium, micro-nutrients etc. Micronutrient deficiency is mainly dependent on its increasing depletion due to growing of high yielding varieties and intensive agriculture practices. It is desirable that regular supplementation of micronutrients is done to the native soil reserve. The extent of the micronutrient deficiency in the recent years has increased considerably to 64, 25, 13 and 41 per cent for Zn, Fe, Mn and Cu, respectively. The declined microbial population is also because of the ecosystem damage caused by the unscientific application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If the consequences of these activities are not adequately managed, the stability of soil’s ecosystem for the next generations will be jeopardized. It is the need of the hour that due attention be paid on soil health for sustainability of agricultural production in India

Consultancy / Execution Charges:

  • During the period of the contract, we will charge a Fixed Retainer Fee to be paid to us at the end of every month. This is excluding all travel and communication expenses that may be incurred during the course of the assignment.

  • While executing individual projects, the NGO will charge a share of 10% – 20% of the total project cost, depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Any taxes as per any law for the time being in force arising out of this contract will be borne by you.

  • Timelines: As required for the completion of project or depending upon terms and conditions of the project.