Social Projects Through Government and corporate Funding

Facility of NGO can be used to carry out Social welfare Projects in co-operation with Industry and Government:

The Cooperate normally carry out several social work. For this they can spend part of their profit (money) but they may not have enough manpower or infrastructure. So they may request any NGO like ours to carry out desired projects with their part of income / finances for social work (as per the Govt. of India Norms).

Thus YASTK can Endeavour to partner with any company to identify and execute projects on Social Development project and provide Consultancy, guidance and advice on Sustainable projects so that concerned company can maximize the benefits for the CSR spending during the financial year. Thus:

  • Yash Krishi can work closely with them to evaluate projects and guide relevant CSR strategy for the short and long term.

  • Yash Krishi can help formulate company-wide CSR policy so that the subsequent projects can be aligned to the same and relevant company. Therefore, it can have the satisfaction of contribution to the needy section of the society.

CSR Project Completed

Yash Krishi has recently completed several projects financed by L & T Hydrocarbon Cooperation Mumbai / Vadodara. Details of some of them are given below.

Sl No Name of the Project Name of The Sponsor Approximately Project cost (Rs.)
1 Education Through Technology L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering 60 lacs
2 Decomposing Biodegradable waste through Vermi composting pits L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering 25 lacs
3 Water Through Hand pump in remote area L & T Hydrocarbon Engineering 25 lacs

Projects possible for Social help through CSR spending:

  • Provide training, consultancy and inputs for organic farming (JAIVIK KRISHI) for organizations and farmers.

  • To take up / suggest proposals for Skill Development for rural people and Rural Development.

  • Facilitate Water supply through digging Hand pumps, bore wells, etc.

  • Provide training / consultancy and expert guidance for waste Management of small and medium cities.

  • Provide Technology for processing Biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and corresponding implementation.

  • Explore avenues for new technology support in furthering the cause of effective CSR.

Proposals ready in Line of interest of Social welfare through Government or corporate funding (CSR program):

Several project proposals are ready; which can be implemented in needy areas for the society welfare. A short list of such projects are given here: