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A product of Yash Krishi Takniki Evam Vigyan Kendra (ISO 9001-2015 certified, IMO certified, Man. Lic. No. ALY/219)

Myco-insecticide Beauveria bassiana

  • Description:  Beauveria bassiana a naturally occurring friendly fungus in soil. which is effective against more than 150 pest species including Termite and White Grub in soil as well several foliar insects pests.
  • Recommended Crops: Gram and pigeon pea pod borer, white fly, aphids, white grub, thrips, potato cut worm, termites, mealy bug, pod borer, teak defoliator, brown plant hopper, cabbage semi-looper, pyrilla and many other lepidopterous pests.
  • Recommended against: Black gram, red gram, green gram,bengal gram, banana, tobacco, wheat, paddy, cotton, maize, barley, sorghum, oat, sugarcane, sugar beat, potato, brinjal, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, fruits, flowers & medicinal plants etc. 

Method of use:

  • Soil treatment: Field Application: Mix 1 kg Yash Beauveria with 50 kg of FYM in 3′ x 6′ bed, moisten and cover with polythene for 15 days (turn FYM and moisten 3-4 times), after 15 days spread over one acre land.
  • For spray: With Suspend 1 kg  Yash Beauveria powder in 800-1000 liters of water and spray in one hectare. Repeat the spray at 10 days interval depending upon the pest population. Under field conditions, the larvae may be killed within 7 – 8 days of the application.


  • Keep Yash Beauveria always away from heat and sunlight.

  • Don’t mix Yash Beauveria with chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides.

  • For best response of Yash Beauveria use with maximum organic manure.

  • Use double does of Yash Beauveria when seeds have been treated with chemicals earlier


  • Effective against adults and larvae of many insects.

  • Effective against Lepidoptera pests.

  • Eco-friendly and leaves no residues

  • Not toxic to humans, animals and birds.